The next chapter.

Here i am, writing my first blog post. I thought about writing about a certain topic first, but then i realized let me talk about me first and why i started. And why now? I’m making a commitment with myself, to never be lazy with my dreams again. I’ve been struggling with being consistent and being ready to finally choose me, choose to finally go after what i want. It’s been 5 years of trying to start this blog, this platform and start my own business but I never did, because in real life i always struggled finding a good job that pays me enough money so I can pay my bills and I can save up some money for other purposes, but it was never that. I always found shitty jobs and that just demotivated me every day to go to work, I don’t wanna work for a boss, get paid every month and lack on my own creative work. I wanna be my own boss and do what i love with a lot of passion. Now that i’m 26 i feel like damn all these years went by with my same goals every year but didn’t achieve all of that yet because real life gave so much stress, looking at all the things i didn’t have instead of looking for a change and have positive thoughts. Now that i’m a mom life hits different, more motivated than ever, the timing is now. I’ve waited too long for this, but now I choose Happiness, I choose to show my daughter that it’s never too late to go after what you truly want in life and that you can achieve everything you put your mind too. I’m so ready for The next chapter and to show the world my creative mind. Welcome to my Blog and Follow this journey with me. I hope you guys will love the content and If you guys have questions or just wanna chat please feel free to contact me. With love, Angie.

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