Hi loves,

Well here we go first week in and i already struggle with being consistent with posting this but it’s okay, step by step i will get there. Today’s topic is about how to take care of yourself: Mind Body & Soul.

In my personal situation sometimes i really do need to take some more time for myself, after having my daughter my body needed to rest and i didn’t had time and energy to do my makeup and hair. Also i felt like i wanted to do so much more like starting this blog and start my own business but the first couple months i just couldn’t find the balance between being a new mom and take care of my daughter but also take some time for myself. Till now.. i finally let loose a little and got back to work and now is the key to be consistent. Right now i’m focused on being my best self.

With the start of this new week i’m eating more plant based, organic and drinking more water and just take good care of my Body. Also i need to go back to the gym, workout to stay fit not just to loose weight. Because yes i did gain a lot of weight after my pregnancy, yet still did nothing to get rid of the extra pounds lol. But allright we women need to be kind to our body it’s been trough a beautiful process of carrying and giving birth which i’m so grateful for. I Actually do some exercises at home every now and then when i get the chance to. I will definitely make a post about my journey and keep you guys updated.

A balance between my Mind Body & Soul to me;

1. to eat healthy, drink more water and start to exercise.

2. to train mindfulness so i can live more in the moment and enjoy the little things in life with my loved ones.

3. To start live with my passion like i’m doing right now blogging and creating my business and just be creative.

4. And of course Pray and put god first, always. And be grateful everyday for everyone and everything in my life.

I wanted to make another personal post but after this one i will start talking about different topics and hope to inspire.

Thank you so much for being here and reading my posts. With love, Angie.

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