Bodyshop skincare

Hello beautiful people, it’s been a while that i bought new skincare products so today i want to share with y’all what i’ve bought at The Bodyshop.

It’s been a month now that i’ve tried out a couple products and i want to review them.

The past two months, i really only used products from the Bodyshop to try out: i went to the store to get a new day & night creme and also a scrub and bodylotion but i ended up buying more than i intended too and also got a few free goodies.

• Vitamin E moisture creme So this is the creme i use every morning and it’s super light i love the fresh texture of it! It absorbs quickly and my skin stays hydrated, feeling soft and smooth. This product is Vegan, and it contains nourishing raspberry seed oil and hyaluronic acid.

Your skin stays hydrated up to 48 hours and this product is suitable for all skin types

• TEA TREE night lotion & 3 in 1 Wash. Scrub. Mask

In my personal experience because this is the first time i’ve tried TEA TREE i don’t really like the way it burns on my face, especially the 3 in 1 Wash. Scrub. Mask after a few seconds it doesn’t feel relaxed and i want to wash it off. But with the night lotion i don’t experience that at all.

These products are Vegan and are Formulated for impure skin. Balances excess and keeps your skin hydrated.

And the Bodyshop has plenty more in the Tea tree range to battle blemishes.

• SHEA shower cream and exfoliating sugar body scrub

Vegan and Suitable for all Skin types.
Provides care and fresh cleaning for soft skin.

I love using an exfoliating sugar scrub, my skin feels extremely soft after i use it and It smells amazing.

Community Fair trade -shea butter from Ghana

The shea shower cream is really moisturizing and it has a creamy soapless texture. I really love using these two products, i would definitely buy these again.

Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

Vegan and Suitable for sensitive skin.

This one… i definitely didn’t need this. But i bought it anyway because i thought it would give me summer glow and that’s exactly what i wanted but in fact it doesn’t give you a glow at all. It’s just really oily in my opinion and i haven’t used it again.

Community Fair trade Organic Coconut Oil from Samoa.


Woven nylon material provides intense exfoliation. Also machine washable.

I bought this one because it’s really long i can reach my back easily and remove all dead skin cells.

Particularly good for use on dry skin that needs to be exfoliated regularly. Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

ALMOND MILK body joghurt

Vegan, for sensitive skin

So this was not on my list what i needed to buy, but the body yoghurts were on Sale and i couldn’t resist buying one. It’s a light formula and absorbs really fast. It smells great and i would definitely like to try out the other different Body Yoghurts.

Community Fair trade Organic Almond milk from Spain


Who doesn’t love free mini’s to try out.. and also the reusable gift bag is really handy

Anyways i hope y’all liked this post about some of the new bodyshop goodies that i bought. And let me know if you have some favorite products that you use from them and would recommend.

This post was long overdue i’ve already finished most of these products and i’m now using another brand for my night time routine that i will be posting very soon.

Thankyou for reading this blogpost and cheers to 2022 💫 happy new year with lots of love happiness and health.

Love, Angie Sal

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